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SerpentSea was found in 2011 by Sophie Aschauer who started making mats out of recycled marine rope after a sailing trip to Nantucket.

Each mat is unique and woven by hand with reclaimed sailing ropes. (Please note that the ropes do show signs of wear!) The mats are woven with four different knots referred to as "Bonny", "Drake", "Morgan" and "Killigrew" after four of the most infamous pirates from the 17th century. All four knots are traditional knots and have been tied by sailors for centuries for practical purposes as well as decor. The mats can be used both indoors and out, and will add a nautical flair to any space.

Each key ring is named after one of the sea nymphs in Greek mythology who often accompanied Poseidon, God of the Sea, to protect and help sailors fighting storms. In the same spirit the key rings shall be charms for good luck.

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